Guided Tours

Join one of our guided tours, share your thoughts and get a deeper look inside the themes and backgrounds of the exhibitions. The tours are free of charge, open to all, and usually require no reservation. Join us! 

General guided tour

Gothenburg Museum of Natural History

  • Thursday, 19 September, 17 October, 14 November 5–8pm in Swedish 

Göteborgs Konsthall

  • Every Saturday 1pm in Swedish
  • Saturday, 14 September 2:30pm in English

Röda Sten Konsthall

  • Every Tuesday–Sunday 1pm in Swedish
    A brief introduction to the biennial and Röda Sten Konsthall’s exhibition.
  • Every Sunday, 4–5pm in Swedish 
    A longer, in-depth tour of the biennial as a whole and the works on view at Röda Sten Konsthall. Tours depart from the lobby. 
  • Wednesdays, 25 September, 23 October, 13 November 5–6pm in English
    A longer, in-depth tour of the biennial as a whole and the works on view at Röda Sten Konsthall. Tours depart from the lobby.

The Senior Club 

Are you curious about the art being made today? Do you like to meet others and talk over a cup of coffee? If so, then the Senior Club is for you.  

  • Tuesday, September 17 1–2pm Gothenburg Museum of Natural History
  • Tuesday, 1 October 1–2pm Röda Sten Konsthall
  • Tuesday, 15 October 1–2pm Göteborgs Konsthall
  • Tuesday, 29 October 1–2pm Göteborgs Konsthall
    On the hundred years of history at Göteborgs Konsthall
  • Tuesday, 12 November 1–2pm Verket
    Lecture at Verket, the red wooden house on Lilla Stampgatan opposite Ullevi. 
    From Poseidon to menstruation pictures: on art in public spaces.
  • Friday, 15 November 10–11am Göteborgs Konsthall
    An introduction to contemporary art in the collection of Göteborgs Konsthall

Curator-guided Tours

Lisa Rosendahl, curator for GIBCA 2019, leads tours of the biennial’s exhibition Part of the Labyrinth.

  • Saturday, 19 October 2pm Göteborgs Konsthall
  • Sunday, 20 October 1pm Röda Sten Konsthall

What is Contemporary Art?

Wednesday, 23 October 6–7:30pm Göteborgs Konsthall
What is contemporary art, actually? Together we look at various exciting works of art and discuss concepts in contemporary art. We conclude with a tour of the biennial exhibition at Göteborgs Konsthall. In Swedish. The program is made possible in collaboration with the Folkuniversitet.

The Labyrinth: a Dramatized Family Tour

Saturday, 9 November 2–3pm Göteborgs Konsthall
An exciting tour for the whole family. Actor Ulrica Flach takes you along on a highly imaginative journey through the artworks in the exhibition. No reservations, but the number of places is limited. In Swedish.

Guided Tours in Easy-Swedish

Tuesday, 17 September, 15 October, 12 November, 4:30–5:00pm Göteborgs Konsthall 
Curious about art that says something about the contemporary world? Together we’ll discover the art of the ongoing exhibition in easy Swedish. After the tour, tea will be served in the museum’s reading room. The tours are given in collaboration with Studieförbundet Bilda’s popular educational programs Kulturkompis and Vägen in

Tour and Workshop in Farsi

Sunday, 13 October 2–4pm Göteborgs Konsthall
Join us for a look at the ongoing exhibition together with artist Azadeh Esmaili Zaghi and conversational therapist Sara Shadabi. Together they discuss a number of issues raised by the exhibition in both Swedish and Farsi. You are then welcome to join us for a maker workshop led by Azadeh Esmaili Zaghi.  



Would you like to book a tour during GIBCA that deepens your experience of the art and inspires reflection and conversation? Would you like to book a maker workshop with inspiration from the theme of the biennial? Email or call 031-12 08 46.


Bild: House of Words session #5, under GIBCA 2015.
Foto: Michelle Boynton