GIBCA Extended Start-Up Meeting

Visitors from Gothenburg, the region, Sweden or abroad will be welcomed with ten weeks of performances, exhibitions, conversations or film screenings, all on the same topic. GIBCA 2019 marks the 10th edition of the biennial and the 4th edition of GIBCA Extended.

GIBCA 2019 has invited the curator Lisa Rosendahl (b. Malmö, based in Berlin) to work with its coming edition and propose a thematic for the biennial as well as GIBCA Extended. The thematic and additional information on the working method will be disclosed in autumn 2018.

Are you part of the contemporary art scene in the region and would like to participate?

What does it entail?

All cultural participants will contribute to GIBCA Extended with contemporary art projects that connect to the biennial’s thematic and take place during the ten weeks of the biennial. The projects are financed and implemented by the initiators.

GIBCA Extended is both a public programme presenting the generous and diverse offer of contemporary art experiences in Västra Götaland region, and an internal collaborative network that aims to highlight the contribution of cultural actors, be it independent or institutional, to the development of the art field and art infrastructure in the region.

The collaboration platform takes shape through information meetings, conferences and workshops days and encourages the knowledge production and exchange between a wide-range of collaborators throughout to the Västra Götaland art scene.  

How to take part in GIBCA Extended

GIBCA Extended is open to all interested with the following conditions:

  • The cultural participant* works primarily with contemporary art.

  • The art project will be connected to the biennial’s thematic.

  • The exhibition/project will be open during the biennial (4 September-17 November 2019).

  • All interested in being part of the satellite programme GIBCA Extended will send in project ideas, with details regarding the dates of the project and the connection to the thematic of the biennial by 31 Januari 2019 at the latest. The GIBCA Extended network for 2019 will be shaped based on this information and a joint programme and communication strategy will be developed in consultation.

* Cultural participants are art centres, galleries, independent artist groups, art organisations or curatorial platforms.

Want to know more?

Information meeting: Wednesday 24th October, 2:00 - 5:00 pm

A first information meeting for GIBCA Extended will include details on the thematic and format of the coming biennial in addition to the process and deadlines. The meeting is the first in a series dedicated to those working with contemporary art in the region. We look forward meeting you in October and discussing our future collaboration!

Location: Röda Sten Konsthall in Gothenburg
Registration: Send us an email with your name and the organization you represent to emelie.storm@gibca.se by Monday 22 October the latest.

Additional information

GIBCA 2019 takes place between 7th September- 17th November.
GIBCA Extended opens officially to the public on Wednesday 4th September.
The opening week of the biennial will also be an occasion for dialogue with the local art scene, through a series of dedicated specialized events (*artist talks, performances, book releases etc.).


For further information on the project, please contact Emelie Storm, project manager GIBCA Extended
+46 (0) 31-120846